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Unleash your full potential with Margoe.

Why Margoe

Our aim is to help the freelancer be more productive. And yes, hopefully happier.

How can I get more clients?

I’d like a mentor to talk to.

What new skills are important for
me to learn?

Distractions keep
me from being

I feel isolated working alone.

Not enough
time to do it all
is stressing me out.

What we do

We support freelancers with Personal Marketing so you get more gigs, Human Resources redefined and Operations for your home office.


  • Personal Branding
  • Social Media Design
  • Social Media Auditing


  • Skill Building
  • Time Management
  • Onboarding Support



  • Legal Advice
  • IT Guidance
  • Invoicing & Taxes

How Margoe Works

Meet askmargoe™, our automatic coach which understands the challenges of a freelancer and provides Just-in-Time solutions to support their needs for professional growth.

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Connect with an
expert to take it

We provide Guidance, Advice and Support​ for where, when and how you like to work.

DIY Solutions

Our artificial intelligence
technology shows you how.

Personal Coaching

Need more help? Schedule a session
with a coach to dig deeper.


Want us to build and manage it all?
We can do that!

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Who we

David Page

In my work as an angel investor/business developer for entrepreneurs I have worked with countless numbers of independent workers. I’ve found that identifying and exploiting one's unique selling proposition (USP) is very difficult for most of them. I want to simplify and systemize solutions to the pain points of the independent worker so they can focus on maximizing where they are now, where they want to go next and their clear path to revenue.

Andrew Mantis

My experiences leading startup teams inside large companies has taught me that successful collaboration occurs when each team member brings their know how to the table and shares it with the others, not only for commercialization but for the professional growth of the team at large. Margoe lets me apply my operational and collaborative leadership experiences to build something purposeful in helping many others professionally grow.

Giancario Colmenares

I am a Ph.D candidate at Université du Québecis and a technology strategist and tactician in natural language processing. I am also a faculty Professor at Tachira National University and publisher of related topics on Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition. My goal as a team member is stewarding the design-build for the unique and dynamic product we envision.

Sandip Choudhary

As a technologist and strategist, I see technology as a great enabler of knowledge transfer. The purposeful confluence of machine learning and humans in the educational space, can meet the needs of today’s independent workforce, through an ecosystem of development tools, lessons and media to support them. Margoe allows me to tap into my knowledge, skills and interests to build something meaningful, something I would use myself.

Nicole Papaioannou

As the lead instructional designer at Margoe, I am excited to be transferring the learning innovations happening in the education space directly into the workplace. I am a Ph.D. candidate in English at St. John's University.

Richard Nacht

As a counselor to David for Margoe's strategic plans and growth, I steward work agreements for the company. My goal is to make it easier for the team to concentrate on the execution of Margoe's growth. My background includes teaching in the Leadership & Human Capital Management department at NYU’s School of Continuing Professional Studies where I earned my M.B.A.; I also hold a JD from New York Law school.

Dahyana Nimo

is a UX-UI technologist and certified Scrum Master. Dahyana listens, analyzes and designs, blending what she understands and feels. Her everyday question is "why". She views every conversation with team members as as a usability exercise then crafting solutions that are goaled with delighting the Margoer. Dahyana holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Los Andes (Colombia).

Andrea Page (Andy)

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit as well as the ability to bring people together and empower them to overcome shared barriers. has given me the chance to put both of these skills to great use. As one of the early member of the team I spent spent 15 years building a highly successful business and mentoring hundreds of co-workers. I’m excited about charting the path for an amazing member experience.

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer was invited into Margoe as our first official Advisor. While her skills as an NLU technologist run deep and wide, it is her strategic guidance that is helping the team quickly accomplish its goals. She is the creative technologist at Data Bot Box, a consultancy in data science and AI. Jennifer holds a Ph.D from the Georgetown University.

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